Small Contracts Award (DIR,CQS,INDV,SSS)

Country: Malawi
Language: EN
Number: 4521403
Publication date: 27-09-2017
Source: The World Bank


Project: P117617 - MW-Shire River Basin Management Program | Country: Malawi | Team Leader: Mugabi, Josses | Product Line:
General Information
Bid Description Small Contracts Award (DIR,CQS,INDV,SSS)
Notice Type Contract Award
Borrower Bid Reference Small Contracts Award (DIR,CQS,INDV,SSS)
Language of Notice English
Small Assignment Contract Award

Project: P117617-Malawi: Shire River BasinManag ement Program (Phase-I) Project
Loan/Credit/TF Info: IDA-51250; IDA-H7750; IDA-Q7630
Bid/Contract ReferenceNo: MW-SRBMP-18325-CS-CDS
Procurement Method: CDS-Direct Selection
Scope of Contract: Hydrological and Water Quality (Aquifer) Mapping
Notice Version No: 1

Contract Signature Date
Duration of Contract

16 Month(s)
Council for Geoscience, 280 Pretoria Road, Silverton,Pretoria, SouthAfrica
Country: South Africa

Currency: Amount: United States Dollars (United States Dollars)1,003,020.87

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