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Country: Malawi
Language: EN
Number: 8675148
Publication date: 27-03-2018
Source: TED
Deadline: 12 days
Tags: Security Transport


1— The Government of the Republic of Malawi has received a loan from the European Investment Bank, hereinafter referred to as “the Bank”. The Northern Region Water Board, hereinafter referred to as “the Purchaser”, intends to apply part of the proceeds of the loan, towards the cost of the Malawi NRWB Water Efficiency Project. This international invitation for tenders relates to the contract for NWRB/MZUZU/G03: Procurement of Lot 1: Motor Vehicles, Lot 2: Water Bowsers and Lot 3: Excavators.

2— This contract will include: Procurement of Lot 1: 4 Motor Vehicles, Lot 2: 3 water bowsers and Lot 3: 2 excavators.

This contract is expected to be implemented from July 2018 to December 2018.

3— The criteria to be used in the tender evaluation are:

3.1 submission of all requested information:

tenders will be examined to confirm that all the requested documents and information have been provided, and to determine the completeness of each document submitted,

3.2 eligibility:

the following eligibility criteria will apply. In the case of tenders submitted by a joint venture, these eligibility and qualification criteria will be applied to the joint venture as a whole:

a— tenderers may have the nationality of any country, subject to certain restrictions detailed in the tender document,

b— tenderers shall not have a conflict of interest,

c— tenderers shall not have been declared ineligible by the Bank,

d— Government Owned Entities may only participate if they satisfy certain requirements that are detailed in the tender documents.

3.3 Historical contract non-performance

Tenderers shall be able to demonstrate that they meet certain requirements specified in the tender documents concerning historical contract non-performance.

3.4 Financial situation and performance

The applicant shall furnish documentary evidence that it meets the following financial requirement(s)

Financial capabilities

a— tenderers shall demonstrate that they are able to meet cash flow requirements of at least Lot 1: EUR 70 000, Lot 2: EUR 90 000, Lot 3: EUR 200 000,

b— tenderers are required to submit audited balance sheets or other financial statements for the last 3 years (2015, 2016 and 2017) that demonstrate the current soundness of the Tenderer’s financial position and indicate its prospective long-term profitability,

c— tenderers that are subject to pending litigation shall be able to demonstrate that their financial position and prospective long term profitability will remain sound assuming that all pending litigation will be resolved against the tenderer.

Average Annual Turnover

The ttenderer shall also demonstrate, to the satisfaction of the purchaser, that it has achieved a minimum average annual turnover of Lot 1: EUR 500 000, Lot 2: EUR 600 000, Lot 3: EUR 900 000: calculated as total certified payments received for contracts in progress and /or completed for the last 3 years (2015, 2016 and 2017).

3.5 Experience:

a— the tenderer shall have had experience in at least 3 similar contracts within the last 5 years, each with a value of at least equivalent to:

Lot 1: EUR 105 000

Lot 2: EUR 140 000

Lot 3: EUR 310 000

b— the manufacturer shall have received internationally approved certification for quality management standards for the goods offered in the tender,

c— the tenderer shall make a provision so that spare parts are available locally to facilitate quick maintenance, repair and spare parts stocking,

d— the tenderer shall provide a patent and latent defect warranty of 12 months,

e— the tenderer shall have delivered, in the last 3 years, at least

Lot 1: 4 Motor Vehicles

Lot 2: 3 Water bowsers

Lot 3: 2 Excavator

3.6 Compliance with technical specifications

The offered motor vehicles, water bowsers, and excavators must comply with the technical specifications.

4— All firms are invited to participate in the tender.

Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information from, and inspect the tender documents at:

The acting director of technical services

Northern Region Water Board,

Private Bag 94, Mzuzu.

Attention: Eng. Dr A.N.A. Ungwe

Tel (265) 0999 843 775 / 0888 843 775

Email: anaungwe@yahoo.com ungwe@nrwb.org.mw

5— A complete set of tender documents may be purchased upon payment of a nonrefundable fee of EUR 100 or MWK 80 000. On request, against a faxed copy of the evidence of the remittance, the tender documents may be sent by courier service if the transport is previously ordered by the tenderer in his country. The purchaser bears no responsibility for the delivery in such a case.

6— A Bid Security of Lot 1: EUR 3 000, Lot 2: EUR 5 000 and Lot 3: EUR 9 000 fulfilling the conditions indicated in the tender documents must accompany all tenders.

7— All tenders must be delivered in sealed envelopes marked “Procurement of Lot 1: Motor Vehicles, Lot 2: Water bowsers, Lot 3: Excavators” not later than 11.5.2018 at 14:00 hours Malawi time at the following address:

For submission of tenders

The IPC Chairman, Northern Region Water Board, Off Mzuzu-Lilongwe road, Bloemwater Street, Kawiluwilu House, Room No. 6 (Chief Executive Officer’s Secretary), Private Bag 94, Mzuzu, Malawi

Tenders will be opened immediately in the presence of tenderers’ representatives who choose to attend. For opening of tenders:

Northern Region Water Board

Off Mzuzu-Lilongwe road

Bloemwater Stree

Kawiluwilu House


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